NSE 7 - Fortinet Troubleshooting Professional

NSE 7 Description

NSE 7 designation certifies that individuals have the expertise to isolate, diagnose, and fix the most common issues in networks with FortiGate devices, and to configure more advanced features often used in large networks such as OSPF routing.

NSE 7 Program Requirements

  • Successfully passing the NSE 7 exam at a Pearson Vue test center.

The FortiGate III course is highly recommended as the best way to prepare for the NSE 7 exam.

Who Should Attempt the NSE 7

Post-sales and support personnel who want acknowledgement that they have in-depth knowledge and skills in a variety of Fortinet security products.


The NSE 7 certification is valid for two years. You can re-certify by fulfilling the current NSE 7 requirements.

About the NSE 7 Exam

  • Name: NSE 7
  • Language: English only
  • Available at: Pearson Vue Test Centers worldwide
  • Cost: $200 Number of items: 30
  • Time allowed to complete: 60 minutes total test time
  • Passing Score: 70%
  • Scoring Method: Item must be 100% correct for credit, no partial credit. No deduction for incorrect answers.
  • Type of questions: Multiple Choice, Multiple Select
  • Time required between attempts: 15 days
  • Time for acknowledgement/score to be reflected in FLC transcripts: 21 days

How to Enroll in NSE 7 Certification Training

To enroll in the NSE 7 training you must have an account on the Fortinet Learning Center (FLC). If you are a partner, you must enter through the partner portal. You can enroll in the SecureLayers FortiTraining.nl classes here.

Partners: https://partnerportal.fortinet.com/
Customers: https://training.fortinet.com/login/index.php

Partners must access the FLC via the portals above to receive credit towards your standing with Fortinet.

Once you’ve logged in, go to the catalog entry for NSE 7. You'll find options for classroom, virtual classroom or self-paced training.

To earn your NSE 7 certificate, you must take and pass the NSE 7 exam at a Pearson Vue test center.